The sauna is the heart of our facilities. Löyly is the Finnish word for the steam that envelopes you when water is thrown on the hot sauna rocks. This steam is essential to the sauna experience, its soft heat warming the body and relaxing the mind. In the Finnish tradition, a sauna is a place where everyone is equal and you “leave your worries with your shoes.”

This is the philosophy on which our business is built. Sauna Culture is about the simple joy of communal sauna, a shared place to cleanse, relax, and emerge, ready for the world again. We believe in better living through radiance, that the warm after-glow of a sauna session should be a regular part of life.


Please make an appointment for all services, including sauna. Check out our policies below before your visit.

There is only street parking at both of our locations.

On check-in, you will be given a small towel, a pefletti, required to sit on in the sauna, a towel for drying, and a robe. Extra towels are available. We have all sizes, large and small or robes for you to use. If you get the incorrect size, just ask us for another. Please do not bring your own towels or robe.

You will also receive sandals and a lock for your locker. The number on this lock will be your number for your visit and will match your locker and towel hook in the lounge. Keep your towel and robe on your numbered hook or with you so that everyone can enjoy the cooling benches in between sauna sessions.

The facilities include 1 locker room, which is shared during all hours, mixed and single-gender. Swimsuits are required during all mixed-gender hours, including the locker room, and a changing stall is available for your comfort. If you forget your swimsuit, we have them available for a $3 rental fee.

Gender hours: Women’s days are for cis and trans women. Men’s days are for cis and trans men. All genders, including nonbinary folks, are welcome to visit on all gender days. We have all gender days 7 days a week between our two locations. Our intention is to be inclusive to everyone, while also ensuring our guests feel comfortable and safe. Hours subject to change.

Relax and enjoy some quiet time. We ask that you turn off your cell phone and leave it in your locker during your visit.

Our facility is modeled after traditional Scandinavian saunas. This means the facility is designed to be utilitarian and accommodate a large number of people. Since we are a communal sauna facility, based on a model of regular relaxation, you can expect to usually share the facility with many people. This way we are able to provide our sauna services for an affordable entry fee. We do not have soft couches or pillows, but a minimal lounge with wooden benches for cooling and relaxing between sauna sessions. If you choose to add a massage or skincare treatment to your visit, our comfortable treatment rooms are private. We will find you and let you know where to go when it is time for your service.

Please be advised that there are various natural essential oils used throughout the facility at all times -eucalyptus, mint, spruce, rosemary, birch, lemon, and lavender. While we do use these natural essential oils, we ask that you refrain from using any type of synthetic perfume or fragranced products before coming to the facility or during your stay with us due to synthetic fragrance sensitivities.

There will be a $20 lock fee charged to guests who take their lock or key home with them and do not return it within 24 hours. Thank you for understanding.


How hot are the saunas? The sauna heat varies, but the average temperatures range from 175° F to 195° F. Our sauna water (for making Löyly) is lightly-scented with a mixture of essential oils, a smoky-smelling wood tar, spruce and eucalyptus blend. We do not have infrared saunas or hot tubs.

Do I need an appointment for the sauna? Yes, we recommend appointments so we can reserve a spot just for you.

Should I tip for sauna service? From booking to check-out, our sauna staff makes sure that your sauna visit is an enjoyable one and always accept tips, especially when providing services such as foot soaks and other add-ons. Like restaurants, most guests tip between 15% and 20%.

Do you have sauna memberships? We do not have unlimited sauna use memberships. We do offer 6-visit prepaid sauna visits for $150 or 12-visits for $270. This gives you 6 or 12 two-hour visits to the facility, and includes a robe and towels with each visit. They are good for six and twelve months respectively.

What kind of massage do you offer? Our licensed massage therapists offer a combination of Swedish and deep tissue massage, so the massages are relaxing, yet therapeutic. We have practitioners who specialize in sports massage, pre-natal, and more.


We want everyone to have a relaxing and enjoyable time. In order for us to maintain a safe, comfortable environment, we ask that you follow the rules and guidelines below. Löyly reserves the right to refuse service to anyone not abiding by our rules and policies.

Illness ~ Please do not make an appointment if you are actively ill with a communicable illness. While sauna may be excellent preventative medicine, please wait until you are well to visit or receive any sauna, massage or skincare services with us. Our staff and guests thank you!

Cancellations ~ Your service time is reserved especially for you. We have a 24-hour cancellation policy for massage and skincare services, and we charge full price to compensate our service providers. There is a $13 fee for no-show sauna appointments or those canceled with less than 4 hours notice.

Volume ~ We encourage soft voices during your visit inside and outside of the sauna. While talking is not prohibited, the discussion should be kept in low voices in the sauna, the shared lounge, and the locker areas. At our Northeast location, we have one silent and one social sauna for both moods.

Behavior ~ Public displays of affection and sexual behavior of any kind are not allowed in our facilities. Swimsuits are required in all areas during mixed hours – changing rooms are provided.

Prenatal ~ We welcome pregnant guests and offer prenatal massage. Let us know how far along you are when you book. If you choose to use the sauna while pregnant, please speak to your healthcare provider about the use of hot rooms before your appointment.

Minors ~Minors 16 years or older are allowed in the facilities with a parent or guardian present. Children under 16 are not allowed in the facilities. We do not provide childcare during services.

Wet areas ~ There are wet areas; please wear your sandals while walking in all areas of the facilities. Sandals are provided.

Food & Drink ~ Do not bring in outside food, beverage, or beauty treatments to use in the sauna facilities. We offer a selection of face mask treatments, aromatherapy foot soaks, and body scrubs for purchase while visiting.

Intoxication ~ Do not use the facilities while under the influence alcohol or other intoxicating drugs.

Gift Cards ~ Have a gift card to use? Gift card number or actual gift card must always be presented at time of service for redemption. We take a credit card number to hold your appointment but do not charge it at the time of booking.


A step-by-step procedure. With Illustrations.

In addition to washing off the dust and cares of the day, please take the time to wash away any trace of perfume or lotion before entering the sauna. Please refrain from using heavily perfumed hair conditioners or any products that could soil the sauna benches.

Bring your Pefletti to sit on and your towel or robe to wear in between sauna sessions. Hang your extra towel or robe on your numbered hook before entering the sauna.

It is polite to ask the other sauna bathers, either when entering or leaving the sauna, if they would like to have more water thrown on the sauna rocks. Our sauna water is lightly-scented with a mixture of oils: a smoky-smelling birch tar, spruce and eucalyptus blend.

Stay in the sauna for as long as is comfortable, often 10-20 minutes. When you are ready to leave, bring your Pefletti with you. Keep your towel with you or on your numbered hook so that everyone can enjoy the cooling benches inbetween sauna rounds.

We recommend a rinse off in cold water. Then take your time relaxing in the lounge. A good guide to follow is to cool off for as long as you heated up. Drink plenty of water. We have tea, kombucha, coconut water and sparkling water for purchase, as well as light snacks. An average series of sessions is 3 times heating and cooling.

You should feel relaxed and refreshed after your sauna. The word that best describes the feeling after a sauna session is recreated.

We offer private event rentals at our Northeast facility.


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