Löyly is an urban retreat inspired by the saunas of Scandinavia. We offer private, small group rental at both of our locations, perfect for a family or a serene solo experience. Our sauna facilities are available for small group rental only, 1 group at a time at both locations.

Request your booking by emailing the location you would like to book:

southeast@loyly.net or northeast@loyly.net

Our smaller Southeast Portland facility features 1 cedar sauna and 1 steam room, cold shower area, and hot showers.

Our larger Northeast Portland facility features 2 large cedar saunas, a cold shower / cooling room, and hot showers.

We currently have a maximum of 4 in-contact people for our Southeast location and a maximum of 6 in-contact people at our Northeast location.

How it works:

Private rental of our Southeast location is $225* for 2 hours with a maximum of 4 in-contact people.

Private rental of Northeast location is $225* for 2 hours with a maximum of 4 in-contact people, with 1 sauna available.

Private rental of the Northeast location Sauna is $325* for 2 hours with a maximum of 6 in-contact people – both saunas will be available.

These are for family, housemates, or other groups who are already in close contact.

There is an 18% auto gratuity in addition for the sauna staff on all group rentals. 

Available rental times are 10 AM – 12:00 PM, or 2:00 – 4:00 PM.

  • *Includes private use of the sauna facility for 2 hours total, cleansing tea, single-use Dr. Hauschka face masks, and single-use pine and lemon body salts for the showers.
  • Towels, robes, lockers, our house made soap (pine, rosemary and eucalyptus), lemon + pine shampoo & conditioner are also included.
  • The facility is cleaned and sanitized between each rental.
  • Your sauna attendant will prepare the facility for you and clean after but will have little to no contact during your visit.
  • Prepayment is taken.

Food and alcohol are not permitted. We have a 24-hour cancellation policy for private rentals. A $50 deposit is required to book and is refundable up to 24 hours before your rental. 

Extra precautions during this time:

We ask all guests to wash their hands in the front reception upon arrival and take their temperature before entering the facility.

All guests must sign our intake and waiver on the morning of their rental, before arrival.

We sanitize all touched surfaces with CDC-approved virucides before and after your visit and throughout the day.

We provide alcohol-based hand sanitizers throughout the facilities.

We keep a record of all contact information of our guests.