What is your sauna routine and how does sauna improve your life?

I come once a month, although twice would be ideal. My routine begins with the anticipation of the visit! The excitement builds the day following my visit until I return the next month. My day begins with an all-over yoga workout, lunch, shower, then Loyly. I sauna, cold rinse, cleansing tea, sauna, rinse, tea until it’s time for my massage. I’ve tried 3 massage therapists, all wonderful, unique and hugely talented. I have a rose kombucha, read magazines, a light nap, and end it all with the lovely shower products.

Sauna is healing, deeply heating my bones that get so damp and cold in Portland Winters. My memories are revitalized in the warm dark, memories of going to sauna with my Mom before she passed. I continue on with my sister in town now.

It means self-care and love at a primal level.